clients are our top priority

For us, hearing that we surpassed expectations of the client means we met our end goal. One way to thank your clients and customers is to offer them something special at the holidays does uss express work such as a small gift or card. Whenever you can, thank your clients for doing business with you. Once again, you don’t want to overdo it because it will come across as false.

If your focus is on competing, then it isn’t on the customer. Instead, think of yourself as being in a contest to fulfill each client’s dreams … and you’ll automatically be competitive with other companies. When times get tough — or when a new flavor-of-the-month company shows up — customers will have no qualms about abandoning a company they don’t love above all others. Talk about a compelling reason to never accept mediocrity. You can — and should — strive to win the approval, goodwill and admiration of your competitors. If possible, get to know their leaders and employees, and help them when you can. You don’t have to give away trade secrets, but you can offer advice, for example, or refer a customer whose needs are better matched to what another business has to offer.

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But if you give away your expertise, time, energy and (gasp!) money, won’t you just go broke? It may take time, but whatever you give will usually come back to you with interest. When you succeed in putting your clients first, you will find that everything else — growth, a positive reputation and financial security —all fall into place. We give you a realistic view on exactly where you’re at financially so when you retire you know how much money you’ll get each month.

  • Sneh Sharma is the CEO of the Banglor-based Media agency, Ittisa.
  • But if you give away your expertise, time, energy and (gasp!) money, won’t you just go broke?
  • They’re also significantly more likely to have happier, more engaged employees.
  • Find out when your clients are going to be celebrating their birthdays or anniversaries so you can help them celebrate.
  • As loan officers, we’re used to explaining the same things all the time, but it’s important that, whenever possible, we’re personalizing the information we share.
  • Ña is an American businessman that has achieved his success through his no-nonsense, gritty attitude.

Thanks to his unwavering commitment to customer service, Sivers built CD Baby into the web’s largest seller of independent music and eventually sold the company in 2008 for $22 million. "The best form of customer service is self-service. Constantly empower customers to does uss express work get their own answers themselves." During those gloomy shifts, sometimes, all you need is some words of wisdom and inspiration to remind you why you do what you do. After all, a happy employee makes for a happier customer and, overall, a more positive interaction.

Indra Nooyi, Former Ceo Of Pepsi Co

Be engaged and simply ask your people how they’re doing. If you’re a leader in your organization, I challenge you to take one employee to lunch each week.

clients are our top priority

Once Kelly and Christy were able to connect with our knowledgeable and experienced Exclusive Listing Agent, they were presented with all of their possible listing options. Because the Guaranteed Offer program allows our clients to sell their homes fast and hassle-free, Kelly and Christy decided that this program was their best option. The new resources were so wildly successful with our clients, most of whom work with designers or are designers themselves, that we soon gained thousands of online followers. It can be easy to lose sight of your customers’ happiness as you try and perfect other parts of the business. The employee is the right person in the right seat.This is great. As I help clients review each employee, one of four outcomes occur. It is your responsibility to establish the vision for your team.

And by that point, the benefits, rewards, satisfaction and success will be rolling in — and you’ll be proud of the person and professional you’ve become. If you have a few clients who are very loyal to you and do a lot of business with you, create a VIP list of just those individuals. You could host a special sale just for them, or open your business during off hours for a special VIP event. Of course, you still want to treat all of your clients and customers like they are queens and kings.

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The employee is the wrong person in the wrong seat.Don’t hesitate – get rid of this person.. Watch this 3-minute video to learn how we can help you master the basics – effective communication being just one of those basics you need to take your business to the next level. If you need help filling your appointment book, get the mp3, 12 Prospecting Ideas for Advisors, for ideas on how to meet new prospective clients. When a client is needy, moody, picky, overly emotional, combative or something else, it’s tempting to write him or her off. And if you can’t wave goodbye in reality, you do it mentally and merely go through the motions of serving the client. If you aren’t meeting a client’s needs, it’s their job to fire you, not the other way around. Manuscript editor, Megan Harris, said she sent custom Christmas gifts to many of her clients to show her appreciation.

How Ccaas Platforms Can Benefit Your Business And Improve Customer Satisfaction

This old standby phrase is simply not true, especially to a client who feels as though he has been belittled, treated coldly, pushed away or used. When you keep yourself at arm’s length, you can’t give your clients 100 percent — instead, you give them an incentive to take does uss express work their business elsewhere. When you’re growing a small business, you can’t afford to disappoint customers or even offer them a good-enough experience. You have to "wow" them every time, which means giving them the first fruits of your time, energy, creativity and focus.

Amazing Customer Service Is The Competitive Advantage

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We’d recommend you start by giving your customers a voice and seeing where you stand. Do your customers feel like your whole company is the customer service department? Customer satisfaction surveys can be a great way to make sure your story will some day be worthy of a good quote. Keep your clients and customers informed of what is new with your business. Let them know if you are offering new products or services and when they are coming.

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